Carousel Online is committed to making our website accessible for all customers and site visitors.

As part of that commitment, we adhere to legal/regulatory requirements and incorporate industry standards relating to accessibility into our design, development, and quality assurance procedures. Our ultimate goal is to make use of these standards and practices to ensure our products and services provide an equitable, accessible experience for all customers. 

Legal/Regulatory Requirements

Carousel Online strives to be compliant with all applicable accessibility-related legal/regulatory requirements, this includes the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Internal Practices

To work towards our commitment to accessibility, Carousel Online has made accessibility an essential part of our development process. Accessibility is an integral part of Carousel Online product offerings and is incorporated into all parts of the development process - from initial design to product QA testing.

Platform Compatibility is designed to be compatible with recent versions of popular screen readers, screen magnification software and operating system features, and recent versions of all major web browsers.